Social Distancing Sundays

Let's tune out so we can really tune in.

I will be the first to admit that I have never had a healthy relationship with social media. But like most people who consume too much, I don’t consume any. I don’t like it, I avoid contact with it at all costs, my eye starts twitching at the mention of Instagram.

I only open a social media app when I have to post something for my business account. There has never been any scrolling involved in the situation. And I’m afraid to say that social media is just the tip of the iceberg when it comes to my tech aversion. I am still not sure that my TV actually works because I never turn it on. I still read books. Like ones made out of paper. I typically don’t take my phone with me anywhere unless I want to listen to music, and then I put it on airplane mode. You get the picture.

Well nothing like a little worldwide pandemic to show you just how behind the times you really are. I mean I think I always suspected… but I was totally in the dark as to the severity of my dysfunctional relationship to anything and everything device related.

So, there I was, forced to close the yoga studio, alone in my apartment and my only connection to this incredible community of yogis and the outside world is via something called Zoom. Is it an app? Do I need to sign up? WTF. I sweat more in my airconditioned apartment giving my first five Zoom classes than I ever did in any Bikram Yoga class. We need not even mention the now more than ever importance of staying connected through social media. Basically anything in front of a screen makes me nervous and so I had been avoiding all of it. Which in turn meant I had also been blatantly avoiding progress.

It had obviously gone on for too long.

This is a photo taken by a friend the night before my first Zoom class. I was trying to get familiar with the program and I didn't realize I had the camera on. I received a text from him with this picture! LOL. He said I had been staring at the screen like that without moving for a good 10 minutes!!!

It was time to get my big girl panties on and get connected. But where do I even start? Up until this point, everything I have ever seen on Instagram has been a total turn off to me. People with a bazillion followers and nothing to offer (matter of opinion obviously). Every picture is photoshopped and filtered up the wazu, and no real, honest life looks like that. It all felt very ingenuine to me. I really wasn’t getting it and I didn’t understand how to find my place in it all.

So, I called up a few trusted friends and asked them to send me some of the accounts they were following. Anything and everyone. Funny, inspiring, informative…whatever, just send it my way. They did, and I parked my butt in front of the computed committed to looking at each and every account they sent. To my surprise and delight I started to get it (kind of). The accounts were incredibly creative, awesomely inspiring, filled with great information and totally hysterical (laughter always wins in my book…BEST MEDICE EVER). I can’t say I was hooked, but my entire perspective definitely shifted. I felt I could at least start posting and connecting with our community without needing a shot of tequila before pushing “share”.

Coming full circle.

Just two excruciatingly long months ago I was a girl unplugged. As I said, I had very little to do with TV, phones or devices. Today I have three Instagram accounts, a blog, I built two websites, watched numerous series on Netflix, and I am the proud owner of a Kindle.

I finally did the system update.

It feels both exciting and exhausting all at the same time. Connecting through our devices has obviously become essential in our modern life, but I can’t shake question does it need to be SO much? And ALL the time?

I think not.

I can honestly say I felt more connected when I was disconnected. Staring at a screen all day can be incredibly draining even if it’s all for fun and games.

Soooo, thinking in terms of everything in moderation, I thought why not try putting a new spin on the term “social distancing”? Please welcome Social Distancing Sundays into your life (or not of course…the choice is yours, just hear me out). What if we took an entire day off social media or any media that’s on a screen for that matter? (Did I take it too far?)

Now I know that we all relax in different ways, and maybe social media is your way. I am just merely suggesting that there might be something even better!

I am suggesting that sharing a meal with friends and family with no phones present could be a richer, more satisfying, and ultimately more nourishing meal.

I am suggesting that a conversation without both parties checking their phones constantly could be a more interesting, funny, enjoyable conversation.

That walk with your dog could be a way to deepen your connection to your furry family member without your phone hogging all of your attention.

And now that you are on that walk with your fuzzy BFF (and no phone) your eyes and ears will have a chance to take in a bit of what Mother Nature has to offer. Rather than an Instagram post of a beautiful flower you may actually see the real deal live and in color!

And I hope I don’t totally lose you here, but imagine having all of these experiences without the need to document all of it! Just simply enjoying the moment, in the moment.

WHAT?? Is that even allowed?!

Before we get all freaked out, let’s just start with one day.

Sunday. Social Distancing Sunday.

Just picture it, everyone with their chins held high, shoulders back, great posture, eyes and ears wide open and ready to participate in the life playing out right in front of them.

In real time.

It could be a true “live streaming experience”.

And maybe… just maybe…you will discover a few things worthy of doing every day.


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