Hi there! I'm Jenny Sanchez.

I am a yoga & meditation  teacher, business owner, wife (although after all these years that still sounds strange), mother of the best Boston Terrier ever and now author of The Unpaved Highway. My husband Ale and I started  our journey together back in 2004 and it has been a consistently bumpy road ever since! But here's the thing...that's really where we find those great nuggets of wisdom isn't it? Right down there in the gritty bits of life. It's when we hit those bumps in the road that we have the opportunity to learn, grow and hopefully cultivate an incredible sense of humour (otherwise you're totally screwed). Well let's just say that I have had plenty of opportunity for all three! The Unpaved Highway is a collection of ideas, stories and lessons that I have learned along this bumpy path. I hope to offer you an honest, void of "flowers & rainbows" account of life that you can connect with, laugh with, and ultimately draw inspiration from (Please don't be fooled by the yoga and meditation teacher thing...There are no unicorns in this blog). If it sounds like something that might tickle your fancy then start with this post for the whole bumpy backstory to it all. I hope you enjoy!

A bit more about us...

Ale and I, along with our dog Lola live between vibrant Miami Beach, Florida and the Andes Mountains of Patagonia, Argentina. In Miami we own a boutique yoga studio called Santuario Miami where I teach yoga and meditation along side an amazing staff of teachers and a spirited community of yogis. In Patagonia we have a small B & B called Santuario Patagonia located in a little hippie town known as El Bolson. The B & B is made up of cabins constructed from shipping containers and lofty tree houses that we built ourselves. Every year in December and March we host

Santuario Retreats at our B & B where we guide a small group through 8 extraordinary days of hiking, eating, drinking and exploring (with the occasional yoga class thrown in).

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Is Patagonia on your bucket list? (it definitely should be) Then I highly recommend checking out our

Patagonia Retreats at SantuarioRetreat.com

It is a phenomenal way to explore the lakes region in Patagonia like a local! 

You can check out everything Patagonia on our Instagram @santuarioretreat and Facebook SantuarioRetreat!

If you find yourself in Miami and are craving a kick ass yoga class come check us out at SantuarioMiami.com


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